L7 Ranch Oakwood Texas

Featuring CTLR Registered Texas Longhorn Cattle

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Historically Correct and Genetically Pure

The Original Texas Longhorn Cattle have been "improved" almost to extinction.  Our goal at the L7 Ranch in line with the Cattlemen's Texas Longhorn Registry (CTLR) is to save these cattle as they existed prior and during the great cattle drives of the post civil war nineteenth century.  These cattle were arguably the most important  resource of our country during the post civil war era, feeding, clothing and providing energy and lubricants for a recovering war torn nation since the industrial revolution.  The thought of losing these cattle to cross breeding and "improvement" from what nature created  over 300 years without man's involvement would be a tragic loss of one of this country's greatest icons.

CTLR cattle are eligible to be registered with the TLBAA and CTLR & TLBAA cross cattle are also eligible to be registered with the TLBAA. 

The TLBAA and the ITLA (International Texas Longhorn Breeders Association) are both closed registries.  However they do accept each others registries and the registries of the CTLR.  The CTLR is an open registry, however the restrictions are so high for purity that most TLBAA and ITLA cattle will not pass and the CTLR does not automatically accept these cattle.